More about the General Counsel Direct Application

General Counsel Direct believes that use of the GCD Application will bring immediate and substantial quantifiable benefits to many businesses and classes of person.

Depending on who you are, and how you use it, this will manifest itself in different ways.

General Counsel Direct involves no hidden charges or IT investment.

We set out below a few practical illustrations of how General Counsel Direct might help, depending on who you are. We expect you'll think of many more.

Legal Professional

If you are an in-house lawyer, you can use General Counsel Direct to ensure that the entities that you advise are set out as live and organic on-line bibles, and supplement and augment your documentation risk management practices with effective use of your General Counsel Direct service. By selectively granting your legal advisers the ability to view and store draft and executed documents on your GCD Application, and ensuring that advice correspondence related to particular entities, assets or deals is appropriately accessible, you will in a relatively short period of time have created a searchable and secure repository of the documentation that you advise on, and the relationships that those documents create, which will bring considerable efficiencies to the management of your clients affairs.

If you are a solicitor, by offering your clients access to your General Counsel Direct system you will demonstrate a commitment to making their life easier, and by building a fuller picture of your clients' affairs be able to advise them more effectively than before. You will also be able to offer your clients a higher level of confidence that you are capturing a real understanding of their affairs and offering ongoing value by embodying your relationship with your client in a meaningful way, and be able to demonstrate consistent delivery of real value.

If you are a barrister, communication of papers and advice using General Counsel Direct will immediately benefit instructing solicitors and reduce your overhead.

Private Equity Professional

Whether investing, monitoring investment, or disposing, use of General Counsel Direct will lead to considerable savings in time and money. From structuring due diligence and reducing the cost of undertaking it, ensuring that management has a handle on their contractual assets, and preparing assets for disposal, General Counsel Direct is the obvious way to open a window into your investors' assets and achieve a better understanding of what your investment comprises.


Whether executive or non-executive, having access to the contracts entered into by the business you bear responsibility for is a key part of understanding the business. Having access to these at any time, directly, is the best way to ensure that parts of the business are not entering into imprudent bargains, without affecting established discipines or interfering with successfully managed businesses.


Whether simply demonstrating regulatory compliance in a simple way, or managing assets or security, organising documentation is a core part of any banking or trust business. Using General Counsel Direct is a cost-effective structured solution to assist documentation discipline, whether at the central or business desk level, which can complement or form the basis of a documentation risk strategy.


Auditing, offering added value advice, or simply trying to build a full picture of your clients' and your own firm will be easier using General Counsel Direct. In order to offer higher value to your clients, you first need to understand them. By using General Counsel Direct with your clients, you and they will both benefit.


Having one secure place to put all of your documents, and to back up your important digital data from time to time, is important as your affairs' complexity and reliance on digital data increases. By either using General Counsel Direct yourself, or through your advisors, you will at minimal cost generate a better understanding of where your risks and opportunities lie, discharge your responsibiliites to those close to you, and make your life a lot simpler.